possible to install an rpm in user space?

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> I would google this and RTFM, but I must not be describing it well, I
> get useless hits.
The issue is not trivial at all.

> What I want to do is to take an rpm, and install it in my personal
> home directory without using root privileges, for my own use only. Is this
> possible? What sort of keywords should I use to find this in the
> documentation or when searching with google?
You need root privilege, rpm relocate or not, to update the default rpmdb.
One solution, for
not using root,  is to create a chroot for the user, use pam_chroot and
disabling (or not depending from sshd version) the sshd privilege separation

Using --root with --dbpath (see rpm man page) don't work if you don't want
to use root (chroot required privilege/capability)


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