Logical 'or' for package dependencies

rarob at travelinglightfarm.net rarob at travelinglightfarm.net
Thu Oct 21 12:34:01 UTC 2010

Sorry to reply out of sync, I'm only on digest email...

To followup a bit on my question about RPM and Java dependencies....

Currently our product requires a Java 1.6 runtime package to be installed.
 We've tested with SUN/Oracle Java, OpenJDK, and IBM's s390x package on
Linux VMs on zSeries.  While I  believe I can find a common 'provides'
feature between OpenJDK and SUN/Oracle, the s390x *sdk* (which we use to
require, and is still installed on our dev box) only has 2 'features' when
queried with 'rpm -q --provides':
  ibm-java-s390-sdk = 6.0.-5.0

  So I still have a question as to the best way to have my rpm correctly
do a 'Requires:' line for any of the three Java flavors.  Somehow I
doubt I can convince the IBM group to include some more features on
their packaging.  For now we mention in our documentation that we
*require* a Java package of at least version 1.6, and our configuration
script looks in 'well known' locations for it.  Not ideal.


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