New book on package management with RPM and YUM

Andrew Ford A.Ford at
Fri Apr 8 19:28:48 UTC 2011

I am the author of the "Apache 2 Pocket Reference" and the "mod_perl 
Pocket Reference" (published by O'Reilly), and back in 1994 I wrote 
"Spinning the Web" (the first book on web publishing).  I recently 
started work on a short (concise) book on Linux package management with 
RPM and YUM, and am looking for volunteers to review the book as it 
comes together.

The book will be aimed at savvy system administrators, and software 
developers and others who need to package up their software for 
RPM-based distros.  It is not going to go into the same sort of depth as 
the Fedora "RPM Guide" - it will only be about 100 pages - but will be 
the sort of book that someone who roughly knows what they are doing can 
dip into to remind themselves of this or that detail, and perhaps come 
away with some nugget of information they hadn't realized they needed.  
It will basically be in two halves: the first part will cover use of RPM 
and YUM as a system administrator (including setting up a YUM 
repository), while the second part will cover building RPMs.

If you would like to help, please email me at A.Ford at   
I expect to be at a stage to start putting material out for review in 
four or five weeks, and delivery is planned for the end of July.


Andrew Ford
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Redmarley, Gloucestershire, GL19 3JB, UK
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