New book on package management with RPM and YUM

Tim Mooney Tim.Mooney at
Fri Apr 8 21:47:46 UTC 2011

In regard to: New book on package management with RPM and YUM, Andrew Ford...:

>I am the author of the "Apache 2 Pocket Reference" and the "mod_perl 
>Pocket Reference" (published by O'Reilly), and back in 1994 I wrote 
>"Spinning the Web" (the first book on web publishing).  I recently 
>started work on a short (concise) book on Linux package management with 
>RPM and YUM, and am looking for volunteers to review the book as it 
>comes together.

Are you going to limit your focus to RPM 4.x as it exists on Fedora, RHEL,
etc., or are you also going to cover RPM 5.x as it exists on a number of
other distributions?

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