New book on package management with RPM and YUM

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Sat Apr 9 19:40:26 UTC 2011

I am deal with rpm from it's 3.* days.

I'll be glad to help.

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> Subject: New book on package management with RPM and YUM
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> Date: Friday, April 8, 2011, 10:28 PM
> I am the author of the "Apache 2
> Pocket Reference" and the "mod_perl Pocket Reference"
> (published by O'Reilly), and back in 1994 I wrote "Spinning
> the Web" (the first book on web publishing).  I
> recently started work on a short (concise) book on Linux
> package management with RPM and YUM, and am looking for
> volunteers to review the book as it comes together.
> The book will be aimed at savvy system administrators, and
> software developers and others who need to package up their
> software for RPM-based distros.  It is not going to go
> into the same sort of depth as the Fedora "RPM Guide" - it
> will only be about 100 pages - but will be the sort of book
> that someone who roughly knows what they are doing can dip
> into to remind themselves of this or that detail, and
> perhaps come away with some nugget of information they
> hadn't realized they needed.  It will basically be in
> two halves: the first part will cover use of RPM and YUM as
> a system administrator (including setting up a YUM
> repository), while the second part will cover building
> RPMs.
> If you would like to help, please email me at A.Ford at   I
> expect to be at a stage to start putting material out for
> review in four or five weeks, and delivery is planned for
> the end of July.
> Thanks
> Andrew
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