description and summary not updated for firefox rpm unless renamed

Daniel Neuberger daniel.neuberger at
Mon Aug 15 14:12:11 UTC 2011

On 08/12/2011 09:21 AM, Panu Matilainen wrote:
> You have 'specspo' package installed and are running some older distro
> (such as RHEL <= 5). 'specspo' provides translations for package group,
> summary and description strings.
> When the specspo mechanism is enabled, rpm tries to look up a
> translations to ALL languages from specspo, and only falls back to the
> actual string from the package itself if it doesn't exist in specspo.
> This lookup is keyed on name(item) (in this case "firefox(description)")
> instead of the actual string in the original package to allow changing
> the original (english) description without breaking all its
> translations. What you're seeing is the downside: even the english
> "translation" comes from specspo if available for that package. You're
> not the first and almost certainly not the last to wonder about this :)
> If you dont care about those translations, just 'rpm -e specspo' and
> you'll see the relevant strings including description as they are in the
> package instead of the translation "database".

Thanks Panu.  I colleague of mine actually just found this out and I 
hadn't gotten a chance to post back yet.  I can definitely see the pros 
and cons.  Remove the specspo package worked well for me, but I can't 
really mandate that for all the package users.  I guess it's not really 
a huge problem though.


- Daniel

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