Check whether a macro is undefined or has a specific value

Marco listaddr at
Thu Aug 18 14:56:54 UTC 2011

2011/8/18 James Antill <james at>:

>> Sure. It's just that rpmbuild will be called from people's makefile,
>> where they are supposed to run it by doing rpmbuild ... --define
>> '__foo 1' if they want some special functionality to be enabled, and
>> define it to 0 if not. Despite having been told this, I'm 100% sure
>> that what will happen is that some people will define it correctly,
>> some will do --define '__foo 0', some will not bother defining it (or
>> will plain forget), possibly others will do yet other variations
>> (typos, --define '__foo TRUE' or whatever),
>  If you just have a boolean, why not use:

Cool, that too looks like a viable alternative (probably for the next
time though).


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