Kompozer 0.83b Install error on Centos 5.5

Marc Deop damnshock at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 10:02:27 UTC 2011

On Thursday 03 February 2011 10:52:44 Panu Matilainen wrote:
> + desktop-file-install --dir=/var/tmp/kompozer-0.8-0.4.b3.el5-root-rpmbuilde
> r/usr/share/applications/ /var/tmp/kompozer-0.8-0.4.b3.el5-root-rpmbuilder/u
> sr/share/applications/kompozer.desktop
> Must specify the vendor namespace for these files with --vendor
> desktop-file-install is saying it requires a --vendor argument for the 
> .desktop file. Maybe some versions of the desktop-file tools require it 
> and others dont - I dunno.

You are probably right Panu. Seems quite obvious now :S


Marc Deop

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