why will the fedora 13 bugzilla rpm install without perl-CGI?

Andrew J. Schorr ajschorr at alumni.princeton.edu
Mon Feb 7 12:57:31 UTC 2011

On Mon, Feb 07, 2011 at 12:53:14PM +0100, FlorianFesti wrote:
> A Provides or Requires without version number matches any version
> number.

Thanks.  It was intuitively obvious to me that a Requires without a version
number would be satisfied by any provider.  But I had imagined that a
Requires with a version number would need a Provides with matching
or higher version number.  I didn't realize that a Provides without
a version number would match any Requires regardless of the required version.

> So the perl package already provides everything that the
> bugzilla package needs and there is no reason to pull in perl-CGI
> from a Provides: / Requires: POV. Do you encounter any problems
> running bugzilla or is this just out of curiosity?

No, there were no problems, this is just out of curiosity.  This behavior
is very unusual, so my rpm update processing logic was not prepared for it.
This was in the context of building a script that can partition the various
available rpm updates into groups that can be applied separately (for ease
of management).  So, for example, my system currently has 390 rpms that should
be updated, and I am able to break them down into 171 groups of rpms that
may be updated separately.


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