Partial RPMs possible ?

Tim T. tim.timmerman at
Mon Feb 21 17:50:18 UTC 2011


  I'm trying to develop a patch application for a client. This client is
used to the Sun/Solaris way of working, and expects that a patch will
contain only the targets-to-be-repaired for a package (i.e. if one file
needs updating, they want to release a patch-package containing a single
file, even if the original package, even though the original package
contained 150 files.

  Is this possible at all ? Preliminary experiments seem to indicate I'd get
an ownership conflict.

Also, does anybody have any suggestions for a good patch strategy ?
(Application consists of a number of packages, some of which contain a large
number of files. How do I minimize the amount of data I need to push to a
remote machine, over a very expensive link ?)


 Tim T.
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