Bypassing source checks in rpmbuild -bc

Maule Mark mark_maule at
Tue Feb 22 13:17:30 UTC 2011

Hi all:
We are using a hybrid development  process in our company where we take an srpm, 
run it through rpmbuild –bp  and then check the prepped source (ie. BUILD/<pkg>) 
and spec file into  our source control system.  We then do development against 
the expanded source  and will periodically use our source control system to 
generate a patch from accumulated changes and regenerate the srpm.

We throw  away the SOURCES directory after expanding to save checking in some  
To compile things for testing/develoopment, we then want to  just be able to use 
rpmbuild –bc –short-circuit ...
The issue I’m running into is that  it looks like rpmbuild wants to 
unconditionally verify the sources, even though  I’m trying to skip the 
unpack/prep phase.  Since we don’t keep the SOURCES  directory around, the 
sources aren’t there and rpmbuild –bc –short-circuit  fails.
Is there any way to bypass thyis  check?  I realize this isn’t standard practice 
– but it’s the method we’ld like  to use if possible.

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