Bypassing source checks in rpmbuild -bc

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at
Tue Feb 22 16:56:40 UTC 2011

On Tue, 22 Feb 2011, Maule Mark wrote:

> We are using a hybrid development  process in our company where we take an
> srpm, run it through rpmbuild -bp  and then check the prepped source (ie.
> BUILD/<pkg>) and spec file into  our source control system.  We then do
> development against the expanded source  and will periodically use our source
> control system to generate a patch from accumulated changes and regenerate
> the srpm.
> We throw  away the SOURCES directory after expanding to save checking in some
> duplication.
> To compile things for testing/develoopment, we then want to  just be able to
> use rpmbuild -bc -short-circuit ...

We use a makefile to generate the SOURCES from cvs.  You can do something

cvstar:	$(SRCTAR)

	cvs export -r$(CVSTAG) -d $(PKG) java/bmsi/db
	tar cvf $(PKG).tar $(PKG)
	gzip -f $(PKG).tar
	rm -r $(PKG)

Add your own rule to move the source tarball to the SOURCES directory.

> Is there any way to bypass thyis  check?  I realize this isn't standard
> practice - but it's the method we'd like to use if possible.

Generating the SOURCES from your source control system is easily automated,
as above.  The SOURCES check verifies that the sources actually *can* be
generated from your source control system.  It is not a check that you
want to bypass.

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