My rpm needs to install first in a list of RPMS

FlorianFesti ffesti at
Wed Jan 26 09:49:28 UTC 2011

On 01/24/2011 09:16 AM, renu abraham wrote:
> I have a custom made rpm. I need to install my particular RPM in a 
> list of rpms which are part of a program.
> Say I have around 20 patch rpms which needs to be installed I need to 
> install this through yum command. My particular RPM namely
> Patch-list. needs to be installed as the first rpm 
> in the total list of 21 rpms. I can modify my spec files and Makefiles 
> as per my wish.
> Can anybody suggest what needs to be changed so that my rpm 
> Patch-list. will be installed first
First: Patch rpms are a strange kind of concept.
Second: Your package name looks strange, too. It's name is "Patch", 
version is "list.", release is "1". If you want to have 20 
packages installed at the same time you should have the numbers from 1 
to 20 as part of the name and not in the version.

To your actual question: Just add

Requires: Patch1
Requires: Patch2

and so forth to your package

To require a certain version of a package you can also use

Requires: Patch7 = 1.1.2-1
Requires: Patch7 = 1.1.2


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