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Thu Jul 14 14:02:41 UTC 2011

I have my application which I want to build a rpm package. The application
has some dependencies that has to be installed. It requires few  .so files
that has to be present in the application running machine. Say for
e.g The command ldd reveals other dependencies as well. I
tried giving those dependencies in the SPEC file under the requires field
as Requires: ....

I have also added the in the %files section with the absolute
path. I can build the SPEC file to .rpm without any errors.

But I am getting errors regarding those dependencies while installing them.

Specifically error: Failed dependencies: is needed by myApplication-1.0-1.x86_64

How I can specify in my SPEC file such that I can install those dependencies
even if they are not present in the target system? I need this because not
all the dependencies will be available in the target system so that I can
specify in some way so that either the entire packages get installed or the
required .so files are referred by the application appropriately while
installing my application.

I am quite new to RPM so sorry if the question is a very basic one.

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