Resolving Dependencies

Jos Vos jos at
Thu Jul 14 14:25:44 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 10:17:09AM -0400, Ramin Rad wrote:

> The dependencies in RPM are only meaningful when it comes to packages 
> (and virtual resources) that are in the RPM DB.

This is not true.  A depsolver like yum will search for packages in
the enabled repositories and install the needed packages.

> If you say "Requires:", RPM thinks there is another RPM 
> package called that has to be installed prior to this and 
> it checks its database and it doesn't find it, hence the error.

This is not true either.  A requirement like "" is searched
in the list of "provided" items, either package names, shared libraries,
or files, not just packages names.

RPM will look only in the local RPM DB, yum will try to solve the
dependency (hence the name "depsolved" i.s.o. "dependency checking",
which is what RPM itself does.

> What you really want is file dependency. I am not sure if RPM supports 
> that, but you can simply put something like this in your "%pre" section:

This is really the worst thing you can do, sorry.  This is handled by
yum, if the dependency can not be found, it will tell you so.

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