Resolving Dependencies

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Thu Jul 14 15:43:54 UTC 2011

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> On Thursday 14 July 2011 10:17:09 Ramin Rad wrote:
> > The dependencies in RPM are only meaningful when it comes to packages
> > (and virtual resources) that are in the RPM DB.
> The ability to have "file dependencies" is one of the main points
> for rpm against other packaging systems.
> As other have already said, you just need to add the whole path to
> the Depends:

That gets a bit fuzzy.  Fedora recommends avoiding file dependancies
outside of /etc, and the bin directories. It can greatly increase the
workload of dependancy resolvers like yum.  But another important thing is
that if you hard code a file path, then you have to change your package if
they change the path in the package providing the file.  If you are
requiring a config file it can be better to check and see if the providing
package offers a pseudo-provide like config(file), so that you don't have
to worry about where the file gets placed as much.

In this case she was requiring a library file, and it is common to require
the library file directly (like it was) rather than require the explicit
path.  This is because that is how the providing package will present it in
its Provides list.

Here is the Fedora Packaging Guidelines about Requires:

I realize that Fedora/RH aren't the only users of RPMs, but it is good
reference material regardless.


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