Updating the Release info after package build

Jos Vos jos at xos.nl
Sun Jul 24 15:39:50 UTC 2011

On Sun, Jul 24, 2011 at 04:40:57PM +0200, Tim T. wrote:

>   Trying to puzzle something out, on a rainy sunday afternoon.. Is it
> possible to update Release and Version info for a package after the package
> has been built ? I know I should just put in the right numbers before I
> assemble the package, but I'm considering a situation in which the right
> numbers are not available at the moment of build.
> (Related question: Is there any easy way of manipulating the contents of an
> rpm after it's been build ?)

There is at least no "legal way".  What you want to do is against all
RPM principles.  A src.rpm should result in deterministic binary RPMs.
That you can manipulate the result with macro settings *during* the
build (that also can effect version and release, e.g. using %dist) is
already questionnable from a purist point of view, but still "legal".

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