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Amol Kulkarni amolk112k at
Fri Oct 7 12:41:15 UTC 2011

Dear All,

I had built some RPMs for our product on RHEL4  ( rpm ver= rpm-4.3.3-26 ).
Now I'm migrating these rpms to RHEL6 ( rpm ver = rpm-4.8.0-16 ).

One of the rpms has files owned by different users.

Eg. In qmail queue, "queue/remote" folder is owned by "qmails" user while
"queue/todo" folder is owned by "qmailq" user.

The qmail makefile creates the files with appropriate permissions and
ownerships. There is no code to set the permissions/ownership in spec file.

In RHEL4, rpm was automatically taking the file permissions set on the files
during the build/compile phase. But in RHEL6, it is changing the ownership
to root.root.

My files section is :

%config(noreplace) /var/qmail/control
%config(noreplace) /var/qmail/queue

After searching the net, I tried using %defattr(-,-,-,-) macro at global
level and the %attr(-,-,-) macro per entry in the %files section. But to no

Can anybody point me in the right direction ?

Thanks for all the help in advance.
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