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Fri Sep 16 16:04:03 UTC 2011

rpm-list-bounces at wrote on 09/16/2011 10:49:27 AM:

> We are trying to install an rpm, RDEsvt- and we are
> recieving the following excerpt from rpm -ivv
> "package RDEsvt- (which is newer than RDEsvt-8.
> 0.1.3-1.noarch) is already installed."
> How is rpm detecting this and why if the versions of the rpms are in
> different series does rpm think these are related.

RPM just compares the versions-release per package name.  I'd have made the
same assumption on versioning. 8.1 is newer than 8.0.  Find the program
'rpmdev-vercmp', this will let you test out versions against each other so
you can see what its expected behavior is.  There isn't a lot of docs.  You
can jsut run the command and it will prompt you.  If you don't know what an
Epoch is you probably aren't using one and can just hit enter when prompted
for one.

> How do we get (previous released baseline) installed with 8.
> (current test baseline) already on the system?

rpm -ivh --oldpackage youpackage.rpm

> Also please point to any documentation if available about this issue.

`man rpm` search old

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