RPM with a dependency (requires) for a package whose name varies across distributions

John Craws john.craws at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 20:31:58 UTC 2011


I couldn't find any good hints on how to achieve the following (if possible).

I have created an RPM that works as expected across a number of distributions.

I now have to add a new dependency on another package (it already has
some that work).

The problem is that the package name (and provides) for that required
package (DejaVu fonts) varies across the distributions (2 for the
moment) that I am targeting and I could not find any virtual one that
would work either.

Do I really have to generate two different RPM packages with two
different 'requires' values even though I require the same
functionality in both cases (a font available via fontconfig) and the
rest would be identical?

Any hints?

Thanks a lot,

John Craws

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