symlinks deleted on upgrade, but not during reinstall

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> CentOS 5.6 uses openldap-2.3. Version 2.3 uses the older (and often
> broken) slurpd method to replicate LDAP changes across nodes. We are
> using openldap-2.4 with a simple "make install" on CentOS 5.6 boxes
> currently. I'm attempting to make an openldap-2.4 RPM as a drop-in
> replacement for CentOS 5.6 servers. The issue is that openldap-2.3
> (mostly the file) is a dependent of many other packages
> (pam, nss, passwd, etc).
> This is why I'm trying to get my openldap-2.4 package to "Provide" the
> 2.3 shared objects--to satisfy that dependency and be a suitable upgrade
> to openldap-2.3.

Having been in this situation, my advice is to leave the CentOS openldap
package installed, but make certain the openldap-devel, openldap-clients,
and openldap-servers is not installed.  That gets you the shared libraries
and config files, but not much else.

Build your openldap24 packages so that they keep their config
files/directories elsewhere.

I've been running production OpenLDAP 2.4.x on a couple RHEL 5.7 servers
this way, and it has worked well.  The only issue is that admins need to
know that /etc/openldap isn't the place to look for the config files that
your package is using.

As an aside, if your OpenLDAP is very busy, consider building against an
alternate malloc implementation.  That's not stressed in the admin guide
as much as it has been on the mailing list.

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