symlinks deleted on upgrade, but not during reinstall

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at
Thu Sep 29 13:39:21 UTC 2011

On Tue, 27 Sep 2011, Tim Mooney wrote:

>> This is why I'm trying to get my openldap-2.4 package to "Provide" the
>> 2.3 shared objects--to satisfy that dependency and be a suitable upgrade
>> to openldap-2.3.
> Having been in this situation, my advice is to leave the CentOS openldap
> package installed, but make certain the openldap-devel, openldap-clients,
> and openldap-servers is not installed.  That gets you the shared libraries
> and config files, but not much else.

You can add openldap-devel etc, to "Conflicts" if you want to ensure
they are not installed.

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