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Thu Sep 29 19:13:39 UTC 2011

Hello everyone!

This is my first question in the mailing list, hope I'm doing this right.
Currently I'm working on building an rpm which source code of applications is not planned to be released to the public (not yet). I'm building the rpm from a set of Tarball files (using rpmbuild -bb)  but the rpm package source field is always populated by %{name}-%{version}.src.rpm even when it does not exists , I already used the tag "nosource" but the only thing I got was: %{name}-%{version}.nosrc.rpm on the "Source RPM" field

My questions would be:
                When the source code is not released, which is the best field to put on "Source RPM"?
                How can I avoid getting the %{name}-%{version}.src.rpm in my "Source RPM" field?



Omar Ocampo

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