conditional installation of files

Stefan Koebeli stefan at
Sun Dec 16 17:54:53 UTC 2012

Hi everybody,


Hi have a question to rpm packaging and installation. I just found no help
on the internet for these question, wy i try it here.


I have a big challenge to do more or less the same as with Solaris's PKG
mechanisms. Exactly what i should do is, installing files based on the
environment the machine is. Let's say we have 3 stages as environments,
TEST, UAT and PROD. Now, with Solaris pkg I'm able to check these env. with
a checkinstall script, and then the pkg, created with the Prototype, and the
files are marked with these stages in CLASSES column, the files are
installed based on these env variables.


Means, installing all stages with one package.


Does anybody has an idea how i can realize this with RPM? I spent a lot of
time with Google, but found not really answers where helps.


Is it possible to do something with macros?


Thanks for help and hints, regards 



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