automatic source fetching in spec?

devzero2000 pinto.elia at
Thu Jul 19 17:05:41 UTC 2012

Depends from the rpm implementation you are using. In the rpm used in
fedora, suse and many other rpm based distro is not implemented
nothing that permit to fetch the upstream tarball , for example to
build always the latest version automatically and without scripting.
In other distro as Mandriva instead this is posible, but i don't think
that this feature is used anyway. I omit the details here.

Sorry for the top posting and best regards.

2012/7/19, Isaac Hailperin <i.hailperin at>:
> Hi,
> in various tutorials I read that the source line in a spec file can
> contain a URL. First I thought that this would mean that rpm would then
> fetch the archive automatically ... but upon more careful reading I get
> the impression that the URL is for documentation purposes only. Is that
> correct?
> Isaac
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