restore binary mtime after debug package creation

Alfred Landrum alfred.landrum at
Fri Jul 27 04:04:04 UTC 2012

Hi rpm folks -

I'm using rpm 4.9 and redhat-rpm-config 9.0.3 on a scientific linux 6 based system.  I'm writing a spec file for a package that's used during development; it needs to contain both headers & a binary utility.

When debug package creation runs at the end of %install, it strips the binary utility, causing an update to its mtime.  Since the headers are untouched, that means that the binary utility looks newer than the headers – which ends up throwing off some makefiles later on.

I'd like to have all the files have the same mtime, but unsure of how to make a "set all times" shell action that runs after everything else in __spec_install_post (including debug package creation).  Any suggestions?

Thanks - Al
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