Accidental installation of a SuSE rpm.

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Mon Jun 18 16:38:09 UTC 2012

I have an rpm, called blah-suse, that I only want installed on a SuSE platform.  The rpm is in a repo that contains rpms with common prefixes, blah-<something>, that can be installed on RedHat, CentOS and SuSE.  

Unfortunately, when you do a "yum install blah*", the SuSE package gets installed on the CentOS system.

Is there a way to prevent or even have the SuSE rpm installation skipped on a non-SuSE system?

I've tried the %pre tag.  But there appears to be some pre-installation actions happening even before the %pre tag scripts are executed because in some installations there are conflicts.  The conflicts are displayed and the %pre tag scripts are never executed.

Is there yet another tag (or something) where I could do a

if [ ! -f "/etc/SuSE-release" ]; then
     echo "Not a SuSE system"
     exit 0


and cleanly and nicely exit the installation of the SuSE rpm?
Thank you.
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