AUTO: Sphurti A Phopale is out of the office

Sphurti A Phopale sphopale at
Thu Jun 28 12:23:17 UTC 2012

I am out of the office until 10/01/2012.

I will be on leave starting next week (2nd July). Please contact:
Packaging Issues		:	Paul Arockiam/India/IBM / Mohanraj Loganathan1/India/IBM
(Development Team for Java60/626/70/80 releases)
					                    Dattatreya C
Shekar/India/IBM / Priyanka Bedare/India/IBM / Gayathri Bhaskaran/India/IBM
(Support Team for Java 142/Java50/PMR's)

Hybrid Issues			    :     Dattatreya C Shekar/India/IBM (Solaris Platform) /
Jitendra Singh/India/IBM / Gayatri G Padasalgi/India/IBM (HP Platform) /
Gayathri Bhaskaran/India/IBM / Priyanka Bedare/India/IBM

Security Issues			:	Amar Devegowda/India/IBM

Copyright/Time Zone  Issues	:	Vinutha Nayak1/India/IBM

For any other issues please contact my Manager :	Lakshmi

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