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I am attempting to  generate an .rpm file from a spec file that works OK on cents 4 and 5.  But fails miserably on 6.

Here's the %files section of the spec file:


When I do a rpmbuild -bb logpoll.spec

I get a bunch of messages, "file not found"  that reference (for example)

rpmbuild -bb logpoll.spec
Processing files: logpoll-1-62.x86_64
error: File not found:
error: File not found:
error: File not found:

I'm guessing something in the configuration changed.  I tried rpmbuild --buildroot=/ -bb logpoll.spec and

rpmbuild --buildroot='' -bb logpoll.spec

But it complained that the buildroot can't be /.

Can anyone tell me how I can get rpmbuild back to working like it did before?



For what it's worth, I'm battling the exact same problem.  The updated RPM package apparently forces a BuildRoot on you and I have yet to get a response as to how I can unset it.  I have been able to change it to something else, but I'm in the same boat as you.  I need the old behavior.  I'm making some progress by installing the files normally as I did before and just copying them to the new BuildRoot.  Even with such as obvious solution, I'm still hitting various problems.  I seriously hope that there is a way to unset this variable.  I can't understand why such a big change would be made when not all packages even support installing to an alternate root without hacking the build files.


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