Rpmbuild question.

Tim Mooney Tim.Mooney at ndsu.edu
Fri May 4 19:21:15 UTC 2012

In regard to: RE: Rpmbuild question., Wempa, Kristofer said (at 6:51pm on...:

> Is there ANY way to get the newer RPM system to NOT use a build root ?

Probably.  I've never tried it, because it's such a bad idea, but what
happens if you put

%buildroot		%{nil}

in your .rpmmacros file (or in something like /etc/rpm/macros.local)?

I likely just gave you a bunch of rope;  If you end up hanging yourself
with it accidentally, I take no responsibility.

> This sort of change has a huge impact and there should be some way to
> get it to behave the old way .... at least for a few versions so users
> have a chance to make the appropriate changes.  We have a very
> complicated build system based on RPM and this change breaks the entire
> system.

The thing is, it's been recommended for literally *years* that
packagers use a build root.  This isn't something that someone just sprung
on the packaging community unannounced; The docs and best practices have
been recommending using a build root for a very long time.

I started packaging software with RPM 14 *years* ago, and the 
recommendation even then was "use a build root".

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