Rpmbuild question.

Wempa, Kristofer Kristofer.Wempa at sig.com
Fri May 4 19:59:13 UTC 2012

> > Is there ANY way to get the newer RPM system to NOT use a build root ?

> Probably.  I've never tried it, because it's such a bad idea, but what happens if you put

> %buildroot            %{nil}

> in your .rpmmacros file (or in something like /etc/rpm/macros.local)?

> I likely just gave you a bunch of rope;  If you end up hanging yourself with it accidentally, I take no responsibility.

> > This sort of change has a huge impact and there should be some way to
> > get it to behave the old way .... at least for a few versions so users
> > have a chance to make the appropriate changes.  We have a very
> > complicated build system based on RPM and this change breaks the
> > entire system.

> The thing is, it's been recommended for literally *years* that packagers use a build root.  This isn't something that someone just sprung on the packaging community unannounced; The docs and best practices have been recommending using a build root for a very long time.

> I started packaging software with RPM 14 *years* ago, and the recommendation even then was "use a build root".

> Tim

Setting the %buildroot to %{nil} doesn't work.  Rpmbuild fails with an error that buildroot can't be empty.  We don't build our tool chains as root and we install everything into a dedicated directory that we own.  So, there is little benefit to using a build root and it further complicates our tool chain build process.  If I can't unset the %buildroot variable, then it seems for me that the easiest solution is to just copy the files into the build root directory after they are installed.  I have hundreds of SPEC files that I'll need to change, but I should be able to automate those changes with a script.  I appreciate you explaining the history behind the change, but I still think there should be a means to get it to behave the old way.  I think NOT building as root is way more important than using a build root.


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