Problem with installing Informix with RPM

Eran Ben Natan eranb at
Thu Oct 11 12:14:11 UTC 2012

Thanks, Greg, for pointing out these issues.

The reason for not doing the installation in the %install is that I'm
not sure that the ids_install just create the target directory with its
content. If it does other things as well, then this approach won't be
I have tried 3 methods suggested by Informix for redistribution:
1. Use the deployment utility. Unfortunately I wasn't able to run the
ifxdeployassist command.
2. Use the "Extract the product files" option of the installer. The
problem with this approach was that I couldn't find the RUNasroot script
after the installation. This script, according to documentation, is
needed to complete the redistribution of the Informix database.
3. Use the new PRM feature. It worked after overcoming a few problems,
but It seems that I will need another RPM to create user Informix before
I run their RPM. This seems to be the best option.

Can you tell me how you installed previous versions of Informix with

BR, Eran.

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On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 2:38 AM, Eran Ben Natan <eranb at>
> I have an RPM that installs Informix 11.70.FC5.

I never got into the 11.70 release with my package, so not sure if it
adds some increased difficultly or changes.

> In the %post script I call the Informix installation script in silent
> ./ids_install -i silent -DLICENSE_ACCEPTED=TRUE
> For some reason the script hangs after the installation completes and 
> is not exiting. Running ids_install from console is working fine.
> The installer displays a progress bar during installation, I don't 
> know if that's has an effect.

So I have a few discussion points on this.

1: Why are you doing the install in %post rather than in %install?
Doing it in %install adds the following
     a: only have to run the ids_install once (on rpm build host)
     b: the RPM is more standards compliant (no text output, or creating
files in a %post section, etc)

2: Have you looked at their 'new' RPM?  I'm not sure I trust it just
yet, but depending on what you are doing it could save a lot of effort.
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