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Shivashis Saha ssaha at cse.unl.edu
Thu Oct 11 01:12:22 UTC 2012


I am having a strange problem while creating a RPM. I posting the 
question on StackOverflow
but got no answers.  If you can please help, that will great. Thanks a 
lot for your time.

My question (same as that in StackOverflow):

I am creating a RPM which has the following shared objects:

|libexample.so --> libexample.so.1.0.1

When I am creating the RPM using |rpmbuild|, I see the rpm provides 
|libexample.so.1.0.1|. But, in the require section I see |libexample.so|

In the |makefile| of the project I refer |libexample.so|

When I am trying to install the rpm it gives an error |"Missing 
dependency: libexample.so"| even though it is packaged as a link file 
pointing to |libexample.so.1.0.1|

So the problem is somehow RPM is not considering that I am packaging 
|libexample.so| (which is a link to |libexample.so.1.0.1|)

However, I installed the rpm using |--nodeps| option and everything is 
working fine.

So, my question is how should I modify to avoid getting the error of 
missing dependency.

To validate that the missing dependency is due to the link file, I 
changed |libexample.so| from a link file to an actual shared object (|cp 
libexample.so.1.0.1 libexample.so|) and rpm does not giving the missing 
dependency error.

Can someone please help and tell me what I am missing and how to fix 
this missing dependency error in RPM. Thanks a lot in advance for your 
help and time.


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