RPM install - MD5 sum mismatch

devzero2000 pinto.elia at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 15:46:23 UTC 2012

Error like this are due a prelink, in general. Have you checked ? Many
web search engine can give you some hint .


2012/10/14, Amir Reza Rahbaran <amirrezarahbaran at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I am using RPM and rpmbuild version to build an RPM package to
> build my package. When I was trying  to install it , it shows me the
> following error:
> error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/bin/somefile;507afbb4:
> cpio: MD5 sum mismatch
> I checked its checksum by rpm -Kvv myrpm.i386.rpm and results the following
> output:
> D: Expected size:     11307132 = lead(96)+sigs(180)+pad(4)+data(11306852)
> D:   Actual size:     11307132
> myfile.i386.rpm:
>     Header SHA1 digest: OK (77a19500cc79ce3df127e6cf5347fbc950ddd01d)
>     MD5 digest: OK (5fd60ba1fdb89587f94300598b632cd3)
> D: May free Score board((nil))
> I know that rpm --nomd5 -ivh myfile.i386.rpm can ignore the error but I
> want to solve the problem. How can I do it?
> Thank you in advance.

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