first time building an RPM, don't understand a particular automatic dependency

Chuck Crisler ccrisler at
Thu Apr 25 21:58:19 UTC 2013

I have built an RPM from a GStreamer library. The library included the spec
file so the operation wasn't too painful. My version of rpmbuild, though a
bit old, seems really nice and the entire experience has been pretty good.
I have learned a lot.

My problem is that, when I try to install my RPM on a target system using
rpm -Uvh nnn.rpm I get the following errors:

    pkgconfig(gstreamer-0.10) is needed by
    pkgconfig(gstreamer-base-0.10) is needed by

Other dependency errors I figured out and fixed, but not these. The RPM I
am building is not for developers, simply users, so I am perplexed why
pkgconfig is involved. There is a gstreamer-0.10.pc file (but not in this
RPM and not on the target systems), but I think that it is used for
building, not simply using the libraries, so it seems to me that it
shouldn't be needed.

Thank you for any help and/or pointers to understand and fix this problem!

Chuck Crisler
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