is there any chance rpmbuild exits before reading %files file

Mark Galeck (CW) mgaleck at
Wed Jan 23 22:27:05 UTC 2013


I am using rpmbuild command version on Linux, with the following syntax

rpmbuild -bb --define <defines> --target ppc-linux --buildroot <full path to a temp directory <spec file>

The rpmbuild command fails with this message

Could not open %files file <file in the %files section>: No such file or directory

I did carefully examine the situation and as far as I can tell, the file in question, is present before rpmbuild starts executing.  After rpmbuild exits, that file is immediately deleted.

Could it possibly happen, that somehow rpmbuild is executing "in the background", as if, returning early, and then still reading the file in %files.

Is there any chance of this happening?

Thank you,


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