How SHA1 in signature header is calculated?

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at
Thu Jan 9 14:38:44 UTC 2014

On 01/09/2014 01:28 PM, Max Lapshin wrote:
> I want to pack linux 64bit rpm on macos x.  To do this I make tmproot
> folder with all binaries in it and need to pack contents of this folder to
> package.
> There are problems building rpm4 on mac os x and rpm5 is not compatible
> with rpm4 specs, so I'm writing right now implementation of simple rpm
> packer:  directory -> rpm.

I suspect getting rpm 4.x to build on OS X would be far less of a 
trouble than rolling your own, but...

> I can pack lead, signature (with 4 bytes padding), header, but I have
> several problems later:
> 1) how do I need to calculate sha1 header in signature?  md5 is calculated
> from header+cpio_payload, but sha1 is more complex.

The header SHA1 digest (aka "signature" in rpm jargon) is calculated 
from the header only, but the header needs to be in on-disk format for 
that. Here are a couple of examples of that with librpm, but 
reimplementing all the immutable region fun might be ... fun:;a=blob;f=lib/signature.c;h=f17e47fcefb19762c4754e66addc2d4d4a8638c7;hb=HEAD#l287;a=blob;f=lib/rpmts.c;h=a3b4ed26cf8097fa8c901b278a3a4eda44172fa1;hb=HEAD#l415

> If I don't put sha1 then vanilla rpm on Centos6 says that:
> headerRead failed: Header sanity check: OK
> When I compile rpm from source it can install package without sha1 header.

Yup, SHA1 "signature" should not be required by rpm.

Could be a bug in rpm 4.8.x or something else subtly wrong with your 
package. If its rpm 4.8.x you're compiling from source, the Centos 
version will have various security fixes related to header handling that 
are not present in the no longer maintained upstream 4.8.x version.

> 2) I'm packing files with cpio and then call xz on this cpio file, but
> still rpm claims that:
> unpacking of archive failed: cpio: Bad magic
> it happens in fsmSetup function. This cpio.xz file is starting from
> bytes: 253,55,122,88,90,0,0,10,225
> Why can it be bad magic?

Are you adding RPMTAG_PAYLOADCOMPRESSOR to the header you create? Rpm 
doesn't try to detect the compression from the file itself, it relies on 
the header telling what kind of compression is being used and IIRC 
defaults to gzip if not specified. Trying to decompress xz-compressed 
payload with gzip is unlikely to work :)

	- Panu -

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