Requires and ignore specific version

Cristian Falcas cristi.falcas at
Sun Feb 22 12:43:25 UTC 2015


Is there any possibility to ignore a specific version for "Requires"?

We're trying to build a rpm for sprockets gem, which has this dependencies:

sprockets (2.11.0)
    tilt (~> 1.1, != 1.3.0)

Is there any possibility to say something like this in the spec file:

Requires: rubygem(tilt) != 1.3.0

gem2rpm is generating this :

Requires: rubygem(tilt) > 1.3.0
Requires: rubygem(tilt) < 1.3.0

Which is turn makes the resulting rpm to depend on tilt<1.3.0 only (
we would like tilt 1.4.1 ).

Thank you,
Cristian Falcas

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