Reading file list from .spec files in Python

Pavel Fedin p.fedin at
Fri Jan 23 10:31:53 UTC 2015


> The %files list is dynamic, and can even be computed in %build (often
> done for python packages).   So, while getting the string may be
> straightforward, interpreting it is not.

 Up to which extent is it dynamic ? How is it done ? If this is about
wildcards, like /usr/bin/foo*, it's perfectly okay.
 Can you give me an example of such a complex package ?

> What about building through
> the install stage on a native RPM system to extract an expanded list?

 You know, i thought about a way to somehow integrate RPM with Cygwin's
native packaging system, and the only problem with doing it nicely is
dependencies. RPM does not look at anything else except its own database.
And, as far as i can understand, there's no plugin system which would allow
to use alternate ways for checking dependencies. And building/installing
with --nodeps is just not a good thing. Or do i miss some knowledge here ?
 Of course, technically i could use a hybrid approach which would produce
Cygwin binary packages while keeping SRPM as source. It would check for
dependencies by itself, then build an SRPM up to %install, then create a
Cygwin package using file list which would be available by this time.

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