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I previously wrote the below, and wanted to add that I have since tested on a newer version of Mageia, version 4.
It makes use of rpm version 4.11.1 and has the same behavior as

Does this mean that is the new behavior? Or is Mageia 4 broken as Mageia 3 is?


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A quick scan of the archives leaves me confused about %preun sciptlets returning error (non-zero).
There is a thread that says using %pre to fail an install/uninstall is a bad idea.

I have been requested fail the removal of an RPM if the binary that was installed is currently an active process.

I've written a %preun scriptlet that returns non-zero if the binary is actively running.
On CentOS 6.7 (rpm version 4.8.0) I get the expected behavior.  When the scriptlet returns non-zero, the removal is terminated and no change to the rpmdb.
On Mageia 3 (rpm version, the non-zero return code appears to be ignored and the rpm is removed (files and rpmdb updated).

Was there a change somewhere between 4.8 -> that permanently altered the behavior or is it just a bug in

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