What is the function of 'Requires(pre)' in spec file?

Zhang Freeman freeman.zhang1992 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 08:58:40 UTC 2016

Hi List!

I post to ask for the differenced between 'Requires' and 'Requires(pre)'
used in RPM spec file.

As RPM wiki[1] tells, dependency defined via 'Requires(pre)' should be
fulfilled before installation and can be freely removed after installation,
and 'Requires'  should be fulfilled after installation but before

However, things won't stick to the script in real life. I find these two
work in the same way.

Suppose I want to install package A, which depends on package B. RPM stops
the process and warns me the dependency. After B is installed, installation
of A turns to be succeed. Then I remove B, RPM erases both A and B! No
matter it is "Requires(pre)" or "Requires".

Shouldn't A stay operational after I remove B if I use 'Requires(pre)' ?

[1] http://www.rpm.org/wiki/PackagerDocs/MoreOnDependencies

All the best!
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