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In regard to: error: Failed dependencies, david kerns said (at 2:44pm on...:

> Just joined the mail-list and found an (unresolved) existing thread with my
> exact issue. I'm hoping this get's linked to the existing thread... (last
> response Tue, Sep 1, 2015)
> # rpm -i mypackage.x86_64.rpm
> error: Failed dependencies:
> is needed by mypackage.x86_64.rpm
> # rpm -qlp --provides mypackage.x86_64.rpm
> /opt/mypackage/lib/
> /opt/mypackage/lib/

This is just a guess, but it looks like the shared library you're creating
either doesn't have a SONAME or the SONAME doesn't match the actual file

You should probably read up on best practices for creating a shared
library on your platform (Linux, I presume, though you don't provide
any details about your OS, distribution, version, or RPM version, all of
which would be useful to include).

> Note: is a symbolic link to
> If I make a hard link instead of a symbolic link (during the build
> process), the rpm install works fine

That seems to confirm that it's an issue with the SONAME.  Read up
on shared libraries on Linux and the SONAME.

PS: if this is a package you will eventually distribute to customers,
it's even more important that you follow more of the Linux conventions
for shared libraries.

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