support for manual file dependencies ?

Jason Vas Dias jason.vas.dias at
Mon Jun 19 16:08:01 UTC 2017

Hi -

I am wondering why RPM supports automatic dependencies like:
' Requires :
but does not allow things like :
' BuildRequires: %{includedir}/stdio.h
I am investigating providing RPM packaging support for a small
embedded system ,  which originally is built much like LFS:
, from a set of Makefiles, and without RPM  .

As a way to 'bootstrap' such a system to provide support for RPM
packaging, I am trying to generate .spec files where all BuildRequires
are expressed as automatic-style 'library dependencies' like '' ,
AND as HEADER dependencies, on files like '%{_includedir}/stdio.h' .

RPM already does provide some sort of 'virtual capability' for members
of the files list of installed RPMs, doesn't it?  ; so, when a spec
file mentions a
requirement on say '%{_includedir}/stdio.h', or perhaps just 'stdio.h',
 it should know that the glibc-devel package provides this capability.
Can't .spec files mention requirements on executables like:
 'BuildRequires: /usr/bin/sed
 ' ? If not, why not ? If so, why doesn't it work for eg. /usr/include/stdio.h ?
But, eg. before the glibc RPM has been built, and only the unpackaged
glibc is installed, then RPM should take the existence of
as satisfying the capability .

Is there any way of specifying a dependancy on the existence of an arbitrary
un-packaged file in the file system with the existing RPM (I am
running 4.13.0) ?

Or is there some page where the COMPLETE requires / capability syntax is
described ? I can only find documentation of parts of it.

Thanks & Regards,

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