How to define package 'provides'

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Wed Mar 22 16:54:53 UTC 2017

I can't thank you guys enough. It looks like that fixed the problem. The
problem was staring me in the face and I couldn't see the solution. 
John V.

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In regard to: Re: How to define package 'provides', Orion Poplawski said...:

>> %description
>> This is a Perl 5.18.4 distribution with additional CPAN packages
>> The
>> package installs in /opt/VBSPerl with the perl binary located at 
>> /opt/VBSPerl/bin/perl.
>> Vendor: VoIP Business Solutions, LLC. <support at>
>> Provides: /opt/VBSPerl/bin/perl, perl(Asterisk::AMI), perl(Carp), 
>> perl(DBI), perl(FindBin), perl(lib), perl(strict)
>> # Disable the stripping of binary files.
>> %global __os_install_post %{nil}
>> # Do not build the debuginfo package.
>> %define debug_package %{nil}
> These are in the wrong place and are all part of %description (see rpm 
> -qip VBSPerl-1.0-15.x86_64.rpm).  Put them above %description.

Orion's right.  I asked to see the top part of your spec because I suspected
this might be the issue.  :-)

Just move the Provides and the defines up above %description.

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