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Good morning,

I have an application that is around 10 gigabytes that I would like to package with rpm, it is mostly java EAR files and an application server.

Everything must be self-contained and run on each server it is installed on, however I have a problem with one part: the database.

The database is about 300 gigabytes in size, and so I am concerned about simply making an rpm out of it.

RPM will make a copy of that 300G as part of an update - the filesystem needs to have enough room. 

Unfortunately I don't have the space for another 300G. Also I am unsure now if it makes sense - some of the major benefits of rpms are lost if the data files are being constantly modified. It feels like something I want rpm to manage though, a-la-git-LFS. Maybe there could be an rpm-LFS :)

I will look at the data update application approach.



 RPM checks that - hopefully with 64-bit arithmetic. 


 Is RPM subject to ULIMIT?  Does it handle it gracefully if so? 


 I would go ahead and make an RPM initially - just to test rpm with large files.  Would the rpm work on a 32-bit system?  Does it give a graceful error if not?


 If the 300G rpm turns out to be impractical, you could make an RPM with a "data update" application that downloads and installs the data, verifying with sha256.


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