RPM auto relocate directory

Fred BRACHOT fred.brachot at free.fr
Sun Mar 4 19:13:46 UTC 2018


I create a RPM with "Prefix" in the spec file.
When I install the RPM with the "--relocate" option, the files are good

I want to make an RPM that puts files in the personal directory of a
service account.
If the account does not exist, I do not have a pb because I create the
account with for his home directory the default path.
But if the account exits, I wish that the files present in my source
goes in the directory of the existing account. And I would like to take
into account the fact that his personal directory is not necessarily
the default path.

I tried to change the variable RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX in the parts "% prep"
and "% install" but that does not change anything.

Can you tell me how to do.

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