Possible to run a script before dependency check in rpm ?

Ayappan P2 ayappap2 at in.ibm.com
Mon Oct 8 14:16:08 UTC 2018


We have rpm in AIX Operating system. AIX native fileset packaging
is installp/rte. We have some packages/libraries coming via installp/rte
fileset which rpm won't be having in it's database.

For example, Openssl comes via this format. Curl which we are providing as
a rpm depends on openssl libraries. So it has shared library dependency and
rpm installation will fail if one doesn't have openssl installp fileset

Is there any way to inform the user ( Some detailed error message about
where to take openssl and install it) when the installation fails because
of dependency check ? Any option through the SPEC file ?

Ayappan P
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