File ownership in %install

Frank Steiner fsteiner-mail1 at
Sat Jun 13 15:39:03 UTC 2020


when I started with my own spec files many years ago I always used
lines like

install -o mysql -g mysql -m 700 blabla $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/...

and I'm pretty sure that the file blabla belonged to mysql:mysql
after installation of the rpm, although it was not mentioned in
%files with any attr. Actually, we always collect the list of
files with a find command and use "%files -f files.list", so
attr/defattr is never used.

With a new RPM I wrote recently I used install lines with owner
and group like above, but all files belong to root:root after
installation and I couldn't find any way to change that except
using attr/defattr in %files.

Has this behaviour changed at some time in the past? Or is my
remembrance just wrong?

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