[Rpm-maint] What's the best way to submit patches?

James Bowes jbowes at redhat.com
Fri Dec 15 14:47:01 UTC 2006

Hi all:

As I was re-applying my changes against the actual hg.rpm.org, I got to 
thinking: what's the best way to propose or receive feedback to a change 
with mercurial?

 From what I can see, there is:

* hg export, to make a plaintext patch
* hg bundle, to make a binary(?) changeset file
* publishing your hg branch somewhere on the Internet

What do people prefer? I'm starting to doubt pointing someone at an 
entire branch, as it might end up being something like "check out 
changes x through y in my branch for feature z", though I guess using 
more branches would help with that.


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