[Rpm-maint] Feature Request: some form of package configuration call from rpm and configuration program information in spec.

Peter Dolding oiaohm at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 03:30:01 UTC 2006

Its one of the big things you notice diff when using deb distros and rpm 

Debians configure on install  is not always a useful feature.

But the means to go to package manager and select configure package and 
have a configuration tool come up makes based deb distros a little more 
user friendly and constant.  Because it does not matter what deb distro 
the method you use getting the package configure tools is the same.

But even this feature in deb based distro's have its weakness.   In deb 
it is only console.  No Web or  X11/Graphical support.

Rpm files lack it completely and this is a major weakness.  Person going 
from one rpm to another rpm distro no constancy to get to configuration 

It would be good idea to start this at the package manger and work up.   
Since RPM is the most common things between rpm distro.

If support 3 types of configure programs  X11/Graphical  console and Web 
for remote.  It will be the best out there.

Also all the configuration tools don't have to be installed.  As long as 
when user runs rpm with the configuration tool option it tells them what 
package is that configuration tool for that package in selected mode.  
ie Console Graphical Web.  And asked if its not installed if they wish 
to install it now and run it.

Also providing this feature allows rpm distro's be used the same way as 
deb if person chooses.  Configure on install.  Yet they don't have to.

As what has been pointed out to me that rpm will list configuration 
files.  This is not really that much use to a new person to linux.  They 
need tools.  First thing provide a constant way of getting to them.  
Then a standard for the tools.

Most of the good features of other package types could be merged into 
rpm.  Making rpm be all and end all of packages.

Peter Dolding

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